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Country: DE Canada
State: Ontario
City: Timmins


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anitrocker powerblade
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EB 1 marroon skin
Buy this!
21 Feb 2014 comment on EB 1 marroon skin

how much you asking and do you ship to canada?
Power AntiRock
26 May 2013 comment on Power AntiRock

yeah i'm gonna get used wheels for this from a friend for free to use as anti's. most ppl just toss wheels once they get down too low. the only problem with this is you still need to have old bearings in em. plastic ones don't require bearings. i don't think you need the bigger anti wheels to help with royals as long as you lock on the h blocks regardless you'll be fine... i do find that having mid wheels help provide wheel bite near the h blocks that help with spinning out of grinds.. i have had a hard time with my soul 540 out since i made the change cause i would jump and rotate my body off the front foot, the wheel bit helps get grip of the ledge for hucking a spin out. i find the plastic once help provide stability in the h block area but no wheel bite for the spin out so it will allow my foot to slide out the ledge in the direction i'm spinning out taking away from my rotation at times. new school freestyle riders hate wheelbite. but i feel this is cause some have no lock on h block accuracy when doing grinds so the mid wheels stop em dead.
Power AntiRock
20 May 2013 comment on Power AntiRock

Thanks for the comments. To set this up I would take the frames you plan on riding ( I suggest slimlines ) and wheels you wanna use you will then be able to see how much of the soul plate needs to be cut. I would then remove outer wheels and put it against your souls (use old worn out souls first time) just to see how it goes cause u will most likely get rid of em anyhow. Once you have the frame on the plates just marker the outline making sure that the side wall of the fame still sits on soul on once cut. ( this will help keep the skates integrity) then take a dermal and cut the soul plates or grind em down depending on how much space you need. Mine are cut to the boot and I just got hr1.3s and have used the same frame setup and cuts on this skate as well. This set up does make you adjust how you do some tricks. But the adjustments are minor. I have to make sure I'm not rolling when I look my top side foot and make sure my wheels don't bite on ledge royals, other then that the benefits outweigh the negatives. This set up is great to save energy rolling in the streets and will most def outlast any regular aggressive wheels. Good luck with your set up. Can't wait to see others. I believe this is the set up of the future!
Power AntiRock
01 May 2013 comment on Power AntiRock

Don't knock it till you try it.
NIke Inline Skate
25 Jan 2012 comment on NIke Inline Skate

photoshoped with nike snowboard boots?

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