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Country: DE United States
State: New York
City: Binghamton


Member Since: 24 May 2012
Last Seen: 06 Sep 2014
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Remz OS LE modded
06 Sep 2014 comment on Remz OS LE modded

That really is nice, and I have the same problem with my wide feet. I have my favorite 07ones in size 12. Comfy as hell, but a little floppy... So when I bought some v-cut OS model, I decided to get a size 11. Didn't realize the size 11 was a total different shell,and sole size. So the 11OS hurts my feet like hell when I pull the toe strap. Suggestions?
OS with DC skins final version
06 Sep 2014 comment on OS with DC skins final version

I like it. remz are the hardest skates to modify, because they are built so much different than other skates. Only thing most people do is change the cuff, so this is cool and different.
My setup
06 Sep 2014 comment on My setup

Dabby, you have some issues man. Everything I ever see you say is passive aggressive or dickheaded. Is there any customs on this site you actually have appreciation for?
lievanos 2
06 Sep 2014 comment on lievanos 2

Do the NIHM/SSM plates fir correctly, or did you have to modify the boot? I have an old pair of cults that I would LOVE to fix up. I have the new cuffs/ buckles, and liners, but I want to try a different soul plate. This is the only cult I've seen with other souls, so let me know what you think.
eric  eschrijn pros
24 May 2012 comment on eric eschrijn pros

oh wait... their is plastic there, it just looked cut of. Let me know how it skates.

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